1. 做一个可撕的Martian小册子,参考这个小本本 
2. 做一个Martian Graphics Book,里面放有意思的观察,参考大便书 w/ Marzipan + Vegetarian receipts 
3. 做一个Martian Documentary,问过去的Martian一年内都发生了什么,以及记录新的Martian三个月之间的变化。Generative Avatar + Talks about the difference. w/ Nico 
4. BCAD w/ Jmill - Album of Obscure Sorrows Generative art for each song

Small Projects
1. Tarot Cloth/ Brief case w/ Jmill
2. Generative Stickers - need to buy new stick paper  + stick board 

1. A list of good questions + pattern recognition + ask people to rate questions + website? Crowd-sourcing good questions
2. Good body posture + research how to fix my shoulder
3. Learn how to use shortcut ask Jmill
4. Want to be more affirmative about myself and my own decisions and FOMOing 

Popup workshop
1. What's something that something small + unusual thing you have done that have more effect than you expected (e.g. learning/ thinking about how to organizing information + thinking about thinking +daily and weekly view of information,  Setting up the right environment/ finding the right context is more important than forcing yourself to do some)
2. Website Hackathon 

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